Marrakesh is one of the major cities of Morocco, it is the seat to the mid-southwestern region. It is the the most important of the imperial cities of Morocco. It has served as the capital to many Moroccan dynasties. It is left with both historical and strategical beauty.

Lying in the desert land, with a great zeal of tourist attraction, it offers plenty of Amazing places to see in Marrakesh. The city doesn’t only offers great historical heritages, but quite a beautiful culture, cuisine and music that will take your breath away.

Most Amazing Places to see in Marrakesh

The city is a place which will attract everyone. For shoppers, it has great markets with beautiful ornaments, for historians it has great museums and amazing historic tales, and above all for adventurers, it is an adventure full packet.

Medina Markets (Skouks in native tongue)

No matter if you are a shopper or not, you will love the great things that the local skouks at the old city Medina markets offer. They offer woodwork, shoes, leather and the world famous Moroccan scents.

You will also find old fashioned tanneries. So if you are packing your bag for Morocco, you should note down Old Medina Skouks of your list of Amazing Places to see in Marrakesh.

Bahian Palace

If you are in Marrakesh, and you don’t enjoy the great taste of old Islamic Royal architecture, then you are missing a lot. The Bahian Palace has been home to many Kings of many dynasties.

As Marrakesh has served as a capital of many Kings, this was their home. See how the old Moroccan kings lived, and see their luxury. With this one of Amazing places to visit in Marrakish.

Medersa Ben Yousaf

The Saadi dynasty was known for their education reforms, much earlier when the Europeans were in the medieval times, the children of the Moroccans were studying in these fine buildings. Go out and enjoy the finest places where a person can study in. The Medresa Ben Yousaf.

Saadian Tombs

The tombs of 66 members of 16th century Saadian royals is also one of the amazing places to see in Marrakesh. It is also a heart breaking Muslim Moroccan architecture and also tells the greatness of the old Saadian dynasties, who ruled the place.

Menara Gardens

If you go to Marrakesh, and you don’t visit the Menara Gardens, you have the missed one of the finest Places to see in Marrakesh. Located of the gateway to Atlas Mountains. You will also enjoy the view of great irrigation system there.

Imlil, Atlas Mountains

Imlil Village in the Atlas mountains marks our last but not the least of the Amazing places to see in Marrakesh. Situated in the beautiful Atlas mountains, you can enjoy a hike and enjoy the views of old beautiful historic village of Morocco. It is amazing place to see, with small bunch of mountain people, and great views.

These are some of the most attractive places of Marrakesh, but with its great historic background and beautiful location, Marrakish has got a lot to offer. So if you are planning in a visit to Morocco, don’t forget to visit the Amazing places to see in Marrakish.

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