Amhara is an ethnic division of Ethiopia, it is the northern part of the country. The region has got great natural beauty, with green mountains and the great river Blue Nile runs across the territory.

The region is one of the most attracted part of Ethiopia when it comes to tourism. It offers great and amazing places to visit in Amhara. The regional capital is the city of Bahir Dar, which offers amazing and luxurious hotels to stay, and relish cuisine and attractive markets.

It is a great place, stretches about a thousand square kilometers but is connected through roads and is easily accessible. We will enlist, some amazing places to visit in Amhara for you, so you don’t miss a thing when you go there.

Amazing places to visit in Amhara

Although there are a lot of great places in Amhara, But I’ve compiled a list of the most amazing places to visit in Amhara, Which is as follows:

Blue Nile Falls

If you are in Amhara, you can not miss the amazing Blue Nile falls, it is known as the “smoking water” in the local language, and is a breath taking sight to see. Situated about 30 km from Bahir Das, with concrete road, and the area is settled for great tourist attraction. The water falls 45 meters, making it even more thrilling. An amazing place to visit in Amhara.

Lake Tana

The source of the River Blue Nile is Lake Tana. It is elevated more than 17,000 meters. The 84 km long lake is an amazing place to see in Amhara. It is situated in the North East mountains, and is a breath taking experience. The amazing sights of rich green fauna, and the home for beautiful pelicans, it is a not missing place, full adventures and amazing beauty.

Simien Mountains National Park

Situated on the Simien Mountains, the highest peaks of the country. You should visit Ras Dashan, which is the most highest peak of the country, and is part of the National Park.

This park is a home to many wonderful endangered species, such as the Ethiopian wolf. It is also home to dozens of beautiful birds. The amazing road connects the park, and is beautifully laid on the mountains. Driving through the mountains is also a plus point of the thrill.


The most holy city of the Ethiopian orthodox christian faiths. The history of Ethiopian Christianity is traced back to the time of the apostles, and is considered to be one of the pioneer nations of Christianity.

This place has got churches of ancient times. The place is named after a renowned saint of ancient time of the area. This marks the end of our list of wonderful places to visit in Amhara. But this is not it.

Gondar Castles

Gondar is a city where many Kings have resided, the old Ethiopian architecture is still preserved, and amazing to see. These castles attracts many tourists, and being one of the famous city, have got more to offer than old castles.

The above list consists of the most attracted tourist places and best places to visit in Amhara, the region have got more than this, but for that you need to pack your bag and buy a ticket, and when you do that, share your wonderful experience with us in the comment section below.

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