Kota Bharu is the capital city of the state of Kelantan, and also serves as the Royal seat for the current Sultan. It was established in the lte 19th century, and was made the capital by Sultan Muhammad the second. There are many amazing places to visit in Kota Bharu, as it is full of unique Kelantanese Malay architecture, and natural beauty.

Moreover, it was the place where the Japanese first landed and later captured Singapore, being the battlefield of World War II, it has great stories to tell too. We will be enlisting some of the wonderful places to visit in Kota Bharu.

Amazing Places to Visit in Kota Bharu

Kota Bharu has a lot of amazing and beautiful places to be visited and enjoyed. Having a rich history, and a naturally beautiful region, it has been a tourists attraction point, and a great place for a movie shoot too.

Istana Johar

Istana Johar is the former official residence of the Sultan, but now it serves as the Museum of Royal Traditions and ceremonies. It shows the way of living of the Sultans and their families. The Museum is an amazing place to know the rich history of the rulers of the state, their traditions and cultures. The legacy that the current house carries on, and the way they have adopted to rule, which inspires and motivates the citizens of the state. It is worth the money, and the time.

Bank Kerapu (World War II Memorial)

Bank Kerapu’s building was believed to be the first ever building opened in the city. From a bank, it later transformed into a World War II memorial, when the then Sultan visited the placed and decorated it with photographs and other materials left behind of the war and the battles fought in the area. It has amazing stories to tell in its own beautiful way. Marking itself as another amazing place to visit in Kota Bharu.

Temenggor Lake

Kota Bharu isn’t all about old buildings and stories, if you have had enough of buildings for a day, back your bag and get your self into a picnic spot and enjoy the beauty of a great man made lake, and in the middle of it, a great man made island. Which is a great place for recreational activities and outing.

Handicraft Village and Craft Museum

Machines can make things, but can never be compared to those made by hand. Everyone enjoys the beautiful of a handicraft shop, but how a bout a whole village of handicraft talent? Visit the Kelantan Handicraft village and Museum, where you can buy amazing handicraft of local talented artists, and enjoy the views of ancient art too, and bring home some memories of amazing Places to visit in Kota Bharu.

Pesar Siti Khadija

After all the visits and a adventures, don’t just get to your bed, go out to the Pesar Siti Khadija, or the “Siti Khadija Market”, and enjoy the relish of local cuisine and amazing local bakery in the level.

And go into the next two level and buy your people at home some Malay traditional presents. And as you are in the neighborhood, explore the Fort Bamboo Bazar too.

Enjoy the amazes of Kota Bharu, and don’t forget to share your experiences with us in the comment section below.

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