A heavenly place on earth is Butterfly valley Turkey. This place is covered over 80K sqm and it still untouched by the masses of tourist, few people know about its beauty thats why even after years the place is still lush green and litter free. There are over hundred species of Butterflies there so the name.

Only way to get to Butterfly valley Turkey is through the sea, there is no airport so only way is through the amazing sea,There’s an alluring waterfall along with canyon and on the other side there is a river flowing, Turkey government has established some rules to protect the natural heritage of this amazing place,

Butterfly valley Turkey is along the Oludeniz, Its a small town with small wooden huts which serve as restaurant, For accommodation; If you plan to stay here for days you will get rooms which are wooden huts, Washrooms are shared, thats the beauty of underdeveloped areas, You can live with nature as close as possible.

The government has banned construction of permanent buildings in the area to preserve the natural heritage. government only allows camps and tents which can be used for living or running a small business, Its one of the best spot to live with the luxuries of nature under sky full of stars.

In Some months of the year, Many animals came down from the mountains and you can see them from afar, There is no electricity in the area, So you wont see cell phones or laptops. You might find some restaurants offering diverse range of sea food, Their setup is made under the canopy.

Butterfly Valley Turkey is also heaven for the hikers and cliff jumpers, As there are great mountains and waterfalls which end up in a river,you may also see paragliders jumping from the lush green mountains which are next to this valley.

You can trek through the huge mountains, there will be many species of butterflies to accompany you along the way, The way up is bit troublesome but once you get to the top you can make a dive of 10 meters if you have the heart for it, But that dive will be the best dive of your life so if you get up there, You should make sure the only way to come down is by diving in to the river.

If you’re not much into hiking and climbing mountains you can roam around and explore the crystal clear water by snorkeling, After the sunset you can do BBQ or arrange a bonfire, Nights are amazing at Butterfly valley Turkey.

For the locals of Turkey; This place is perfect for spending their weekends or they come to this spot whenever they have enough of their hectic life.

Many people have called Butterfly valley Turkey as the best place they have ever visited in their life, Its so close to nature and it will give you most beautiful scenes to watch in your entire life. Although now many people come visiting this place but the natural heritage is still maintained.

Some people complain not seeing enough of butterflies but their season is limited so do inquire about butterfly season before going as butterflies are bottom line of this place. Best way to get to Butterfly valley Turkey is through boat taxi which takes you to this place from Olu Deniz.

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