Shkoder or shkodra is a city located in the north east of Albania. It is one of the most historic cities of Albania, and also in Europe. It has a great historic importance, and with rich history and heritage it is a great sit for tourists attraction from all over the world.

The rich political history has left Albania with great tales to tell and the historic monuments which tells them, and being the gateway to Albania from Europe, Shkoder has got great strategical importance.

Shkoder offers the mix culture heritage of Ottomans and the Europeans, as well as the Italians, as these have been the rulers of Albania in the past, it also offers great deal of modern day architecture and development.

Being near to the coast, the weather stays pleasant which makes it great for tourism all year around. It offers both European and Turkish descent cuisine, with many more in her world class standard restaurants, which makes them great places to visit in Shkoder.

Famous Places to Visit in Shkoder

Rozafa Castle

The ruins of the greatest Illyrian architecture which tells the tales of 2nd century BC, is one of the finest places to visit. A greatest heritage site and a place where you can enjoy the view of the city. Located at the top Rozafa mountain, the site is ravishing when you look down the city. Marking it one of the finest Places To Visit in Shkoder.

Shkodra Lake

Its named after the city it self, and lies at the border of Albania and Montenegro. It is know for its natural beauty, and amazing sight seeing. It is filled by oraca river and drains into Adriatic, which forms the border between two countries. Some of its area lies in Montenegro too. What is better than seeing a natural beauty which connects two nations.

Venice Art Mask Factory

Going to every Masquerade party we wear a mask, where the finest of them comes from? The place is right at the heart of Shkoder. The Venice Art Mask factory is who exports highest standard masks for stage plays and movies. Explore the mystery and the art with a great place which marks itself a one of the greatest Places To Visit in Shkoder.

Shkoder Historical Museum

You don’t want to leave behind the rich history and the ancient Albanian architecture, the Shkoder Historical Museum is a place where you can experience great historical importance of Shkoder and Albania. And it marks itself as one of the best Places To Visit in Shkoder.

This is not it, Shkoder offers much more interesting things. Great places to stay and rich cultural cuisines. A place that you must have on your “to visit” list, and if you don’t, you must go and place it there.

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