Gibraltar is a British overseas territory, controlled by its own government. History of Gibraltar is rich and amazing. The place has seen many wars, different rules, and now a lot of claims. Gibraltar remains an independent state, but closely tied to the British government than any other overseas territory of the Kingdom.

Tourism is one of the major aspect of Gibraltar’s economy, as it relies on it on a vast level, so tourism is vastly important, and enjoys its great importance in the place.

The place is amazing to visit, and has got many best places to see in Gibraltar, rich historic places, new modern developments, a great hill which gave the city its name, amazing beaches. A small place where you will find people of different ethnicity, but the most amazing part is, that you can see Africa while you stand on European soil.

Best Places to see in Gibraltar

Rock Of Gibraltar

The huge monolithic promontory that is the most prominent thing in the area. It is a huge rock placed on the land, and also is one of the pillars of Hercules. It is a home to a great number of Barary macaques, a wild monkey specie, which is not very wild, and rather friendly, these are the only population of wild monkeys in Europe.

St. Michael’s cave

“A mountain with wonderful concavities, which has its western side almost opened by a large cave which may be penetrated far into the interior”.

The above was a statement about the cave by geographer in the ancient times, as early as 45AD. The amazing network of limestone caves, which is one of the prominent tourist spots of the place, amazing network of caves, with breath taking sights.

The different shades of the interior makes even better. Another of the best places to see in Gibraltar, makes it another of the best places to see in Gibraltar.

Moorish Castle

The great castle, which is a great historic beauty, was build by a Muslim Almohad Sultan, Abdul Mu’min. the castle has got both Muslim and Christian style of architecture, as it had fallen in both hands.

The castle enjoys a great location, and the The Tower of Homage is prominent and clearly visible, it was the highest tower in Muslim Spain, don;t miss this great beauty being one of the best places to see in Gibraltar.

Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim Mosque

One of the Mosques constructed by the late King of Saudi Arabia, King Shah Faisal. It is one of the biggest Mosque’s on a non-Muslim territory.

The Mosque is also one of the prominent tourist attraction, and consists of a school, library and a lecture hall. The great Islamic architecture is breath taking-ly beautiful. The Mosque is also known as the The Mosque of the custodian of the two holy Mosques.

St. Andrew’s Church

The old garrison church for Scottish soldiers, was opened to in 1854, it is old, and the original building is unknown, but it is quite old. The church has a great architecture, and a wonderful interior that will make you admire the beauty of the designers.

Other attractions

Apart from all the above best places to see in Gibraltar, there is a lot more to discover in this small place, some of the other great places are as follows.

  • Catalan Bay
  • Europa Point
  • Gibraltar Botanical Gardens
  • Trafalgar Cemetery

Visit Gibraltar, and enjoy a place of great and rich history and an amazing location, and do not forget to share your experience with us in the comment section below.

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