Mastercard is offering free travel around London using Apple pay on mondays, this offer is valid for next 3 mondays including today.

If your iPhone is capable of NFC payment through Apple pay then you can avail this offer, you can wander around London all day using Tube, Trains, Buses and the DLR all without any charge, you just have to have an iPhone or Apple Watch on which you can use Apple Pay with Mastercard and that’s it.

Monday being hard for everyone, its a bounty for everyone as you get to save money doing your normal day chores, This offer is valid for next 4 mondays including today.

Now if you have an iPhone or Apple Watch along with Mastercard, Following is the guide on how you can travel around London for free

How Apple Pay works on London Public Transport:

Moving on to How you can travel around London for free. First of all, you need to have an iPhone which supports NFC payment, iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6S and 6S plus with iOS 9 or above supports NFC payment. You can also use Apple watch to make use of this offer.

When you are about to board a tube, or you are at ticket gate, double press the Home button of your iPhone, even if its locked, it will bring your default card in Apple Pay.

After that you need to authorize your payment by placing your finger on Touch ID, now you will see a message on the screen “Hold near Reader to Pay”.

Touch the top of your iPhone on the yellow card reader.

You will see done on the display with a vibration.

A green light can also be seen on the card reader as result of transaction.

If you have Apple Watch follow the steps below:

  • Double-press button on the side of Apple Watch.
  • Picture of your card will appear on the Apple Watch.
  • Touch front side of Apple Watch to the reader.
  • You will feel a slight vibration when the payment is made.

That’s all, You can use this service today and for 3 upcoming mondays, If you have any issue you can comment below, we would love to help you guys out.

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