Annecy France is an medieval town whose roots date back to 14th Century, It is also considered as the Venice of France, as there are number of streams running through the town in different channels, Its one of the most busy travel destination of France as it lies just 35 Km away from Geneva, Many tourist who are visiting Geneva, come to Annecy France for a day trip.

The French alps, thick forest and the magnificent Annecy lake make this town a very popular tourist destination, Although many people don’t know about this piece of heaven on earth, but If you ever get to visit this place, You will be mesmerized to see the abundance of natural beauty and miracles of nature. Annecy is said to be the most ancient town which was populated in the Northern Alps.

Annecy has a very important geographical location, It lies on the trade route between Italy and Switzerland, People of France has named annecy as the Town of Art and History.

You will see very lively atmosphere in Annecy, The locals are very friendly, This small town is full of diverse culture, that you can only understand their culture if you interact with the locals.

Almost all around the year, you will see tourists from all different countries of the world exploring the town. Many of the tourists prefer to lay by the mesmerizing Lake of Annecy. So if you are going to Geneva, This place is truly worth a visit.

Best Places of Annecy France

Annecy is a small town, But there are quite some good places to see here, Most probably a day will be enough to explore this whole town, Still I have made a list of Best Places of Annecy France, which is as follows:

Lake Annecy

Lake Annecy is one of the best places of Annecy France, Most of the time it is crowded by the tourists, Number of people move to this Lake to enjoy fun activities including Fishing, Kayaking, Scuba Diving and many other sports.

Annecy Lake is also famous for windsurfing, There are huge alps around the lake, Where areas are allocated for windsurfing, There are also some underwater sites where you can see ancient buildings and an old ship which lies at the basin of the Lake.

Around the lake there is a route allocated for the cyclists, Every year a parade is arranged for the cyclists. In 2009 this allocated area was also used for Tour de France.

The Palais de l’Ile

In English it is known as Old prison, Palais de I’lle is an ancient court house which also held a prison, Now it is a tourist site, where you can see the prison cells of medieval age, Every year number of exhibitions are arranged in this site to portray the culture and traditions of this beautiful town in France.

Annecy Castle

Counts of Geneva lived in this castle of Annecy in 16th Century, It was used as barracks in early 20th century, Now it is a great tourist destination where exhibitions and stalls are arranged, there are also number of art competitions arranged in Annecy castle.

Saint Pierre Cathedral

Saint Pierre Cathedral is a good place to visit in Annecy,The Architecture and design is what makes it beautiful, Constructed in 16th century this Cathedral now holds magnificent artifacts of medieval age, If you are into art then this place will catch your attention.

Thats it, I hope you liked our compilation of Best Places of Annecy France, If you think there should be more places in it, Write to us in the comments. If you want to share your experience about the Annecy France, we would love to hear. You can ask us, If you have any issue regarding your trip to Annecy France, we will be very delighted to help you out.

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