The small city state on to the south of France, ruled by a Prince, is an amazingly beautiful place. The touch of classical royalty, with great historic buildings, and the amazing French culture. The city is the most dense city of the world, that means there are many beautiful and great people to meet, and know their culture.

The best part of theis small city state is, that there are many languages spoken, English, Italian and Monegasque are widely spoken, so no language barriers at this part of the world. The small state has great friendly connections with France, which makes it a small and prosperous state.

Best Places to See in Monaco

We will enlist a few great, amazing and best places to see in Monaco, that you shouldn’t miss when you visit this beautiful place.

Larvotto Beach

Monaco has a small coastline, which has the beautiful Larvotto beach. Summer time is actually beach time, where many people go out there and enjoy the fresh breeze of the sea and the amazing sun baths. If you go to Monaco, this is one of the best places to see in Monaco, a place you can not miss and a recreational activity that you wont find much.

Monte Carlo

If you are in Monaco, and you miss the famous Monter-Carlo experience, you should never forgive yourself. The entertainment complex of Monaco, known as the Monter Carlo Casino, is something you shouldn’t miss. The complex a casino, A grand theater, and the office of Les Ballets de Monte Carlo. The class that you have seen in the movies, can be lived here.

Oceanographic Museum

Inaugurated in early twentieth century by Prince Albert, is actually a Museum which is for the knowledge of the oceans. The museum provides deep and great knowledge of the oceans, its secrets and ts beauties. More than the knowledge, the building is an example of classic piece of art. Made on a cliff, with glass interior and roof, a great places, one of the best places to see in Monaco. A truly amazing show of art and knowledge.

French Riviera

If you go to Monaco, and you want to have a royal feeling, go out and hang on the coastlines of the French Riviera. It is the border of Monaco, and is the extended border of Italy. The place is famous for being the vacation spots of many aristocrats. The Kings and Queens of United Kingdom, and some Russian Royals in their youth. Many famous artists like Pablo Picasso, and many wealthy Americans and Europeans come to this place to have a great summer time. So don’t miss this most beautiful and one of the best places to see in Monaco.

Other Places

The above list is not it, there are many other great places to explore, and visit and see in Monaco besides the above best places to see in Monaco. Some of the them are as enlisted below

  • Prince’s Palace
  • Monaco Grand Prix
  • Jardon Exotique de Monaco
  • Napoleon Museum
  • Grimaldi Forum

That’s all about best places to see in Monaco, If you are planning to travel to this great tourist destination and you have some queries, ask us in comments, we will help you out. Moreover, if you have been to monaco, share with us your experience, we would love to hear your stories, Apart from that, You can also give us recommendations on which sites should also be a part of the list above, Feedback of our visitors is highly appreciated.

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