Krakow is the 2nd largest city of Poland, It is said that the civilization at this area started back in the stone age around 20000 BC, There are number of myths about dragons and Krakow in the books of history.

Krakow is wonderful city to visit, it has number of historical buildings that are absolutely worth visiting, the most famous historical sites include Royal Castle and Cathedral of Krakow, In Krakow you get to explore number of different cultures, as this city is known for its diversity in traditions and culture, through commerce, Krakow which was once a small settlement, now stands as a wealthy city, there are number of different industries in the surrounding of city that’s why the poverty and unemployment rate in Krakow is less than less of the Poland.

After the Nazi invaded Poland, in the beginning of World War 2, Krakow became capital of Germany government, Krakow is also called as one of the most beautiful cities of europe, It has extensive cultural heritage including the Gothic and renaissance architecture and culture.

Krakow won the award of being European Capital of Culture in 2010, Krakow Poland will also host World Youth day in 2016.

Krakow Poland Places to See:

Although Krakow Poland is famous all over the Europe for its natural beauty and tourist spots, there are number of landmarks and sights that are worth visiting if you ever visit this city, Some of them are mentioned below.

  • The Royal Castle and Cathedral
  • Grand Square
  • Grand Altarpiece
  • Wawel Royal Castle
  • Ice age Rhino
  • Old town(UNESCO World Heritage Site)
  • Wooden Architecture(UNESCO World Heritage Site)
  • Masterpiece of Leonardo da Vinci
  • Kazimierz Town
  • Kanonicza Street
  • Wieliczka Salt Mine
  • Auschwitz(UNESCO World Heritage Site)

Auschwitz is the Nazi extermination camp located around 70 KM from Krakow, It is said that over one million jews were exterminated in the three Auschwitz camps. These camps are open to visitors and every year, millions of people from all around the world come to visit these extermination camps.

There are guides available at the spot, who can guide you about the history of these camps in your native language, they will also enlighten you with the horrendous terror of these camps.

At Krakow, you can find great number of hotels to stay, you can either stay at expensive and luxurious hotels or you can also at cheap lodges.

It is recommended that you should park your car at the and use taxi or bus to travel around the city, it is a crime to drive after drinking as little as beer in Poland.

The famous and one of the most ancient institute in Europe, Jagiellonian is also located in Krakow Poland, Jagiellonian university is home of number of historical sites, As the city is home of many universities, so the nightlife is quite good at krakow.

That’s all from krakow Poland, if you are planning to visit Krakow Poland, share with us your plan, you can also write to us, if you have any issue regarding your travel plan, If you have visited Krakow before, share with us your experience, you can also write to us if you want to include some places in the list of places to see in krakow Poland.

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