Kosice is city full of colors and cultures, you will find number of ethnics group living peacefully with each other, it has served under many empires, Civilization started in this area in 8th century, In 13th century, it became a proper town.

Kosice has been ruled by Hungarians, Czechs and now Slovaks rule this area, Some Germans migrated to settle in this area in the times of war. All together Kosice is a city with diverse cultures and traditions.

This is also known as “The City of Peace“, It’s a great achievement for its citizens, As living peacefully among so many different cultures and ethnic groups is rarely found in this world.

Kosice is located at a remote area, most of the people are not familiar with its beauty, It has many tourist destinations which are truly amazing to visit, but it has relatively less tourists as compared to rest of Europe.

Kosice lies on a very important strategic and trade route, this city lies next to river Hornad. The area of old town has ancient buildings with stunning architecture, These sites have architecture and design values of old victorian age, Which makes these tourist destinations mesmerizing.

Top Sites of Kosice Slovakia

There are so many tourist destinations in Kosice, that it was a hard task to figure out top sites of Kosice Slovakia, I have compiled a list of places which I consider best in Kosice, Your opinion might differ, but if you are visiting there, you should free some time to visit the following beautiful places, I can bet you won’t regret.

St. Elizabeth Cathedral

Saint Elizabeth Cathedral is one of the most beautiful Cathedral of Slovakia, Its Style is Gothic and it gives a strange sensation when you are in it, It is also declared as heritage site, There is a lot to read about history of this place when you get inside the Cathedral. Truly this is a great site to explore.

National Parks

There are number of National parks around Kosice. These parks are just some from the main city, you can always take a day off and explore the wildlife and stunning mountains around the city. If you are more of a nature person you will fall in love with these national parks once you get inside.


Kosice has the largest Zoo in Slovakia, there are great number of different species found in this Zoo, Animals from all around the world are brought to this Zoo, In Summers there are number of events arranged at the Zoo, along with that there are different shows arranged in the zoo for the kids.

Vychodoslovenske Muzeum

Last place in our list of Tops sites to visit in Kosice is Vychodoslovenske Muzeum. It is most valuable museum in whole country, It still holds 1500 gold coins from medieval age, there are also number of great historical artifacts that are worth seeing at this museum.

All around the year, there are number of festivals arranged in Kosice Slovakia to promote and display the norms and traditions of people living in this city, As people of many ethnicities live in this city, So the festivals are very colourful and diverse, People with different cultures represent their performances and shows. These festivals are really very fun to attend, So if you find one while visiting there, Get in it and discover the beautiful culture of this fabulous city.

There are number of Universities in Kosice, with a lot of young guys and girls, who mostly don’t sleep at night and party all night long, Kosice has number of discos, bars and Clubs, these places are always occupied with people, so you won’t be bored. Night life is quite up to mark.

That’s all from top sites of Slovakia, If you have any query regarding your travel, Let us know in the comments, If you have been to visit there, Share your experience with us and let us know which places do you consider as top sites of Kosice Slovakia.

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