Bled Slovenia is one of those places which are unknown by the masses. Reason of its anonymity is the reason why its beauty is still preserved in its natural condition. Although many people make their way to Bled Slovenia to spend their vacations, yet it is unknown among the people outside Europe.

Bled is an island in middle of lake. People are living on this island from about a thousand years. Bled is located next to Karawanken mountains.

Most famous attraction of Bled is its Lake, which is frozen most of the time. There are number of activities Bled is famous for including hiking, mountains treks, fishing, kayaking and horse riding.

Bled is also famous for Mary Pilgrimage Church of Assumption, where people from all over europe visit and pray. Before the church was made, this Island was famous for a temple of Ziva, Who according to Slavic culture is considered God of Love and fertility, so the couples who are infertile, used to visit this temple and pray for child.

How to Get to Bled Slovenia

The traditional and preferred way to get to Slovenia is through a wooden boat named as Pletna, You can enjoy the surroundings while going to Island on Pletna boat, Once you get to Bled Island, You can roam around on your foot, it’s a very small Island. Pletna can also be used to roam around the island and discover the surroundings.

Apart from these tourist destinations, there are number of events that are arranged every year for the tourists. These events include number of cultural festivals, which are a lifetime experience. One gets to see the Slavs culture and their tradition in these festivals, These festivals are also great for knowing more about Slavs and their music.

There is this event named as Oktober je fest na Bled, at this event different folklore musicians from all around the Slovenia make their way to Bled.

Music of Slovene Alpine is loved all around Europe. Many people visit bled Slovenia just to attend these cultural and musical festivals. So if you are planning to visit this beautiful place, Make sure you check the calendar for these events.

That’s all from Bled Slovenia, If you think there should be more in this article, let us know in the comments, you can also share your experience or your trip experience with us in the comments, If you have any issue regarding your trip to Bled Slovenia, don’t hesitate to seek help from us, we will do our best to help you guys out.

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