Stockholm is what comes to mind when we think about Sweden, but the truth is that there are other beautiful cities in Sweden that adds to the beauty of it en bloc. Malmo is one such parallel of beauty that you should add to your list of destinations to get to.

Malmo is known as “The City Of Parks“. From its divine and rip-roaring beaches to its kicky architecture, this is the place to visit once before you die.

There are some very fine and best places of Malmo Sweden to visit. Malmo is located in the Scania province close to the southwestern tip of Sweden.

Malmo is the capital of Skane County and is the most populous city as well, plus it’s the third largest city of Sweden, the 7th bicycle friendly city in the world( hoots to the mountain bike riders) and has a greater influence and significance on the international platform.

And if that’s not enough, Malmo basically constitutes the Oresund Region along with Copenhagen and is the most densely populated city in Scandinavia, plus it’s a global village. So how come we’re not putting it on the list!

Malmo has an oceanic climate. Summers are breezy, warm and pleasant and winters are moderately cold.

If you’re visiting Copenhagen and ever wish to see Malmo, that’s not a problem. Every now and then, The Oresund Line trains crosses from Copenhagen to Malmo and vice versa, in fact, it would stop right at the Copenhagen Airport.

And connections from other cities of Sweden, that is, Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Kalmar are also made to the Copenhagen Airport through the intercity trains.

Malmo has an airport of its own, the Malmo Airport, which is primarily used for inter-country/Domestic transport purposes. A Bike Path of 410Km has been installed in the city which is being hopped on by 40% bicycles.

Best Places of Malmo Sweden To Visit

The contemporary architecture is the best part of Malmo, how this city has absorbed too much of artsy buildings into it will keep you awestruck.

Sankt Petri Church,

This is one of the most ancient buildings of Malmo, consisting of a tower and two aisles which was built in the 14th century.

Malmo Opera House,

This 1,511 seated Opera House is basically the largest Opera house in the Scandinavian sphere, it offers musicals, plays operas and classical composition.

Moderna Museet Malmo,

The classico-modern orange exterior of the museum is eye-catching and too flashy to be handled and is amongst the best places of Malmo Sweden to visit. It holds exhibitions portraying the famous pieces of Bourgeois, Picasso, Phalle, Dali, Rauschenberg.

Twisted Torso,

This is one great example of the modern architecture of the city. This building stands as a twisted torso, just like that of a human, as it turns around. It’s high-end and a mind-boggling look is just heavenly and explicit.

Malmo Live,

Malmo live is amongst the best places of Malmo Sweden to visit and is one of the recent development( of 2k15) in the city. This skyrocketing build features a concert hall, a hotel, a congress hall and a sky bar.

Risersborg Beach,

One of the legitimate locales of man-made production that looks so natural is the Risersborg beach which is amongst the best places of Malmo Sweden to visit. This beach, stretching across the coastline of Malmo is an exhilarating panorama. It’s calmness and serenity can put aside the day to day nerve wreck.

Food In Malmo, Sweden

Best food in Malmo can be found at Bastard, Daniel Berlin, Mando Steakhouse, Malmo Opera Grill and Laziza( if you’re looking for halal food).

Bastard’s environment is so relaxing with a big kitchen in the centre and dimly lit dining spaces around and they serve food with a knife stuck into them, presented from heaven, I know.

Daniel Berlin, a family-run restaurant, is located in Skane which is about an hour’s drive from Malmo and you wouldn’t mind the distance once you taste the food. It’s so, so good.

Music and food are a match made in heaven and if you’re looking for both, Malmo Opera Grill is where you have to be.

In my opinion, these are the best places of Malmo Sweden to visit. Please, leave your feedback down there and if you feel anything else could be added to the list, be sure to come forward.

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