I believe that traveling around the world should not be a hard job, This world is so beautiful and it is meant to be explored. Moving to different places and interacting with individuals of different culture and norms opens your mind to a new pathways.

Traveling has its challenges, but when you overcome those challenges and hit the road, you are in a new dimension, The hardest part is just stepping out of the door,You learn to survive against the odds. The feeling you get after climbing a huge mountains and seeing the world from suchbhigh altitude can not be described in words.

Most Expensive Countries

World Economic Forum’s Biannual Travel and Competitiveness Report has indexed 141 countries of the World considering the travel and accommodation costs.

This report has ranked the countries considering the airport charges and air taxes, accommodation price of hotel, the lifestyle, cost of living and fuel prices. According to this report following are the most expensive countries to visit and stay.


International arrivals (2013) – 24.8m
Average spending per tourist – $810


International arrivals (2013) – 47.7m
Average spending per tourist – $920


International arrivals (2013) – 11.6m
Average spending per tourist – $987


International arrivals (2013) – 8.6m
Average spending per tourist – $811

Occupied Palestine (Israel)

International arrivals (2013) – 3m.
Average spending per tourist – $1,912.


International arrivals (2013) – 4.7m.
Average spending per tourist – $1,199.


International arrivals (2013) – 6.4m
Average spending per tourist – $4,897


International arrivals (2013) – 84.7m
Average spending per tourist – $669


International arrivals (2013) – 31.2m
Average spending per tourist – $1,316


International arrivals (2013) – 9m
Average spending per tourist – $1,882

Yes, Switzerland is considered the most expensive country for the tourists. Still it is one of the most visited country of the world, Above is the list of Most expensive countries to visit.

If you are on tight budget, you should reconsider your travel plan,This ranking is according to The World Economic Forum’s biannual Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report, Which has classified 144 countries according to amount of money spent by average visitor.

Let us know about your travel plans, and how much do you agree with this report, considering if you have ever been to these places.The expenditure should not stop you from traveling, World is meant to be explored as Ibn Battuta said:

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