One of the largest city of Brazil, Fortaleza is known for its beautiful beaches, Many people from all around the world visit this city in summers to enjoy their vacation, Brazil is known as the hub of tourists who love discovering natural beauty, With the great amazon rain Forrest, every year millions of tourists visit Brazil.

History of Fortaleza has touch of Portuguese and dutch culture because of their invasions, Many people says that the first European who landed on south America was on port of this city, This city has diverse history, It is also famous for its comedians and their shows.

Best places of Fortaleza Brazil to Visit

Although there are many places in Fortaleza to visit but some places depict the actual culture of Brazil, You get to see the people and their norms, Fortaleza has number of great beaches with blue water, Although the beaches are very crowd, as in summers even the people of Brazil head to Fortaleza to spend their vacations.

Praia do Futuro

Praia do Futuro is considered the best beach of Fortaleza, there are a lot of fun activities, you will also find best restaurants of the city in here, there are number of beach sellers around the coast line, The water is blue perfect for enjoying summers, you will also find swimming pools for the kids.

You can also surf on the waves as the wind is quite strong on this beach, There are a lot of activities for the tourists on the beach arranged by the locals and the government, Best beach of Fortaleza thats why it is one of the best places of Fortaleza to visit.

Cachaca Museum

It is a country side museum, In a very beautiful area, You can find the best cachaca in town here, People are very friendly and they tell you everything about the history of the surroundings.

The museum offers great artifacts of Cachaca, After the museum tour, You can check out number of activities offered by the management of museum, taking pictures are not allowed. Other than that its a great place to spend time with you family.

Sightseeing tours

There are different private companies that offer you sight seeing tours around the city, You can just get the ticket and go with them.

These sightseeing tours take you to the different locations around Fortaleza, the crew is very helpful, They provide you with all the history of the places you pass through, Following are few sightseeing tour companies you can contact if you intend to visit Fortaleza.

  • Ocean-view tours and travel
  • Paulo Vans

Morro Branco

At morro branco, You will see astonishing sights of sand formations which seem like rock but actually its sand of different colours, Along with that you can also check out the tasty seafood that is offered there.

The view of the ocean is also sublime from the Morro branco, If you visit, this is one of best places of Fortaleza.

Thats all from my side, If you have ever been to this place lets us know which places do you consider the best places of Fortaleza. Your feedback will be appreciated.

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