Tulum Mexico, If you would have visited it few years ago, Tulum was a stretch of sand and wooden huts along the beach and the jungle, But now it has been developed and there are number of places for the tourists to visit including bars, hotels and top class amusement parks.

For the people living in America and Canada it is very easy to visit the place, Best thing is to get there in a rented car because once you get there best places to visit in tulum are at walking distance.

There are number of restaurants that offer amazing Mexican food as well as continental food and all the hotels and restaurants are next to each other. You can plan a trip for 3-5 days.

In tulum you will also find a Ruins of Mayan City, If you get tired of spending all day along the beach you can visit the Mayan ruins to see the heritage of Mayan people, This Mayan city was built of the coastline so basically its purpose was trade, this Mayan city was protected by a huge wall its of 784 meter wall that encloses the city from three sides.

Best Places to Visit in Tulum

If you plan to visit Tulum Mexico, following is the collection of best places to visit in tulum.

Xel-Ha Amusement Park

Its one of the best water parks around the world, they offer many amusements services like swimming with the dolphins and SNUBA, The money spent here is worth it, They offer great food and you should take along water proof camera to capture the moments.

You can alos use the ride to go all the way up to the head of river and come back all the way floating in the river. There are also activities like cliff jumps, cycling and zip lines. Time spent there is truly worth it, thats why its included in best places to visit in tulum.

Mayan Beach

Mayan beach is sublime, Clean and beautiful there is no algae, One of the best place to experience mother nature, the sand is white and water is clean crystal clear, Its along with pubs so you can get some drinks or food to the beach, Play with your family in the sand, The Place is crowded sometimes, But the view is amazing and it has great dining options.

Scuba & Snorkeling in Tulum

There are different private clubs that offer Scuba and snorkeling in tulum, They provide you with the kits and equipment for scuba diving and snorkeling.

You can also participate in other different activities there. Some of the great Tour centers who offer these services are mentioned below.

  • Edventure Tours
  • La Calypso Dive Center
  • Yucatan Diving & Travel
  • Experience Riviera Maya
  • Agua Clara Diving Tulum
  • MOTMOT Diving
  • Mexi Divers Tulum
  • Diving at Cenotes Dos Ojos

Beautiful cave that can be discovered while diving inside the water, You can take your water proff flash light to discover the amazing spots under the water, Water is very clear you can spend hours under the water and explore the marine life.

You can hire a guide who can provide you with the suits and he can take you along through the cenotes, You should take along insect repellent, this Diving spot consists of 3 linked cave system so you can do more exploration, The gear are all provided by the staff so you don’t have to worry about it, Its a lifetime experience thats why its included in best places to visit in tulum.

Share your experience of tulum with us in the comments, and let us know your opinion about best places to visit in tulum.

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