Amsterdam is the biggest city in the Netherlands, where you can find many attractive places to visit. Many visitors come to Amsterdam during the Summer between June – September.

The citizens of Amsterdam mix from various cultures and ethnics. Here are the best places you must put on your trip list while you are in Amsterdam.

Canal Tours of Amsterdam

Amsterdam has tens of canals that split the city. They make the city like a beautiful painting. The total length of Canals in Amsterdam is more than one hundred kilometer, there are also 1,500 bridges in the city for crossing these canals.

There are three main canals in the city, which are Herengracht, Keizersgracht and Prinsengracht. Alongside the canal there are about 1,550 monumental buildings.

Dam Square

Dam Square is a notable building in Amsterdam and almost every tourist who visits Amsterdam. At the Dam square, on one side is Royal Palace and on the other a National War and Resistance Museum.

During summer time, the place is crowded by local tourists and from outside the country. It is really the place where the people get together. You will also find too many flocks of doves around the square.

Anne Frank House

This is the most well-known attractive place in Europe. It tells the story about the Frank Family who was hiding from Nazi during the World War II. Each year, millions of visitors pay a visit to Anne Frank House.

The house is also a remembrance of the Holocaust tragedy. If you want to be more convenient during your visit, try to visit the house in the morning time as there will be fewer crowds.

Do you want to see the Windmill?

Sadly, you are not in the right place. The windmill is located in Eindhoven; however, still you can find the windmill in Amsterdam at Molen Van Sloten Windmill.

It is a bit far from the city center. You can go by tram till the last station. Then you have to walk about 15 minutes. The windmill is only accessories not like the real one as in Eindhoven, as the wind in here is not so strong.

Bicycle Tour

Another fun you can enjoy is renting the bicycle at Mac-bike Bicycle Rental. Explore the city as far as you can go, but remember you have to go back before 5:30 p.m. The bicycle has no hand brake.

If you want to reduce the speed or to stop, you have to paddle the pedals in backward. Have your map with you while cycling around. Yet, you have many places to go like Vondel Park, Heineken Experience and more.

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