Algarve is another “face” of Europe. The region’s culture is mixed between Arab and European. The weather is also unique; it is warm when while the other European countries are cold and wet. It is totally a lovely place to visit.
As mentioned above that the culture is mixed.

Algarve, actually, comes from the Arabic word “Al Gharb” or the Western. The territory was governed by Islam. It is noticeable from the remaining building’s architecture around.

Many visitors visit Algarve not only to enjoy the best weather in there, but also for the landscape and surroundings as well as its culinary.

One of the famous places most tourists visit in the Algarve is museum in Faro. The museum keeps well the 8th century history that previously influenced by Islam. The place has “recorded” some heritages, manuscripts, buildings, paintings and even lamps.

Furthermore, the museum is also influenced by Roman that can be seen from the museum pillars with some animal and human statues placed on the top of them.

From the museum, you can spend your time for shopping in Faro city. You can buy some Portugal origin’s souvenirs, or tasting some food, or visiting other shopping areas that sells many well-known brands in Faro and Portimao.

Both of them can be reached by car distance only and along your way, you will be entertained by a green grass which overlays beside the road, hills, and river combined with some small houses that creates wonderful scenery.

A Trip to Algarve

The next trip that you must visit is Benagil Sea Cave. It is hard to illustrate this place. Only one word, it is fantastic. Pinch yourself to make sure that you are not dreaming.

The place is the most popular places to visit by at least 10 million visitors each year. Visitors can rent a boat to reach the cave. The cave itself previously formed by the wave for years and became eroded. Today, the Algarve is the third richest territory in Portugal.

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