Oviedo is capital city of Asturias Spain, present at the northern side of the country and famous for its beautiful beaches, massive mountains, sublime landscapes and tasty food, it is known as the most clean city of Europe, it has won number of awards for its cleanliness, Another thing that makes it famous is the Romanesque Architecture.

It is famous saying that Asturias is Spain, Well if we look at history,Asturias was a kingdom centuries before Spain was formed, So this part of Spain is said to be original Spain, other regions were all conquered, that is why you will find great number of historical tourist attractions in Oviedo Spain, the architecture of the streets and old buildings represent the traditions and culture of ancient Asturias Empire.

Picos de Europa lies between Asturias and rest of the country, that is why this part of country is left out from the rest of Spain, Picos de Europa is range of massive mountain range usually covered in snow.

Talking about Oviedo Spain, It is a charming small city, with great number of things to do and places to visit, If you are into trekking mountains and Hiking, the Monte Naranco and Picos de europa lie very close to the city, Inside the town you will find great number of museums, top-notch restaurants with great quality and tasty food.

It has a lot for you to discover, you will be mesmerized to see the streets and its ancient architecture, and its never hard to find places to visit in Oviedo Spain, All you have to do is to get to the Cathedral of Oviedo, and from there all the famous tourist attractions are at walking distance.

Talking about the night light of this place, You will find dozens of clubs in the city, It seems like this city never sleeps, There is also a huge theater where you can watch plays about the culture and traditions of this city, Best thing to do in Oviedo at night is to go for a walk and then enjoy great food at some restaurant.

Best 10 Places of Oviedo Spain to Visit

Best way to explore best places of Oviedo Spain is to take a walk in the streets of the city, it has diverse Architectural history, with great number of structures dating back to medieval age.

Its hard to choose the best places of Oviedo Spain from so many great tourist attraction but some of them which I considered the best are as follows:

  • Oviedo Cathedral
  • Casco Antoguo
  • Velarde Palace
  • Town Hall
  • Plaza Del Fontan
  • Palace of Torero
  • Cathedral of Sam Salvador
  • San Miguel de Lillo
  • Samta Maria del Naranco
  • Museum of Fine Arts

Other things that might interest you in Oviedo Spain includes number of festivals, which are arranged throughout the year, In order to promote the cultural and traditional norms of the Oviedo and Asturias. There are also number of musical events, promoting local musicians and music.

There are number of markets, from where you can buy souvenirs to remember this amazing place or you can buy traditional things to gift your loved ones back at home.

Moving on to the conclusion, Oviedo is indeed one of the most beautiful city of Spain, Which is truly worth visiting if you plan to visit Spain sometime soon.

If you are more into History and Architecture then you will love the city more, If you are into natural beauty, you can explore the massive mountains in the outskirts of Oviedo along with that, there are streams flowing from within the mountains and number of astonishing waterfalls.

Above is what I think as the best places to visit, if you think there should be more in this compilation of Best places of Oviedo Spain, let us know in the comments.

If you have been to this beautiful city, Share your experience with us and if you are planning to visit Oviedo Spain in near future and you have some queries, Let us know in the comments we will try to help you out. If you want to know more about Oviedo Spain, Visit its Official tourism site.

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