One of the oldest and most visited town in Spain. Avila Spain is also called “Town of Saints and Stones”, It is a famous tourist destination, which is loved by the historians and architecture freaks, this town has great number of gothic and Romanesque churches, There are number of ancient sites in town which are worth seeing.

Avila Spain is also declared as World Heritage Site, It has diverse history with traces of different cultures, you will find roots of Arabs in this area, as they captured it in 704 AD, it was then again seized by the Christians and then the famous and massive wall was built around it which still stands.

In the old days, pilgrims from all over the Europe used to come to Avila to visit the churches , now the historians visit this place along with tourists, If you are into history and architecture, and you love ancient sites and traditions, it is the town to visit in Spain.

There are some buildings of Muslims era, but you will find many monasteries, convents and churches. Avila is also called “City of Three Cultures“, As you will find trace of each culture in the locals as well as in the top sites of Avila Spain.

Top Sites of Avila Spain

If you want to taste the traditional and pure Spanish food, Avila is the town to visit, there are number of great restaurant who provide with tasty food, the dishes offered are diverse, including the traditional dishes of Spain.

Unlike rest of the Spain, it is chilly at times, the climate is very moderate in Summers, people from different parts of Spain as well as Europe visit Avila in Summers to enjoy the wonderful weather.

considering the number of historical sites in the city it was hard to deduce which ones are the Top Sites of Avila Spain, Although the following are which I considered must see for tourists, So If you are planning to visit this site, Do include these places in your list.

The Walls of Avila

Avila Spain is famous for its boundary wall, Its construction was started in 11th Century, its main purpose was to safeguard the town and keep a check on the incoming and outgoing trade items, now it stands as one of the most beautiful historical walls and a UNESCO world heritage monument.


The date of construction of cathedral of Avila is contradictory, some say it was constructed at the start of 11th century, other say it was made under the rule of Fruchel, Who ever got it constructed, Did an exceptional job, this cathedral is a example of excellent architecture, of you are planning to visit Spain this is a must see.

San Vicente Castle

Construction of San Vicente castle was started in 12th century and it was complete in 14th century, It took two centuries to made this beautiful castle, You can imagine its beauty, It s design and architecture brings us it in our list of top sites of Avila Spain to see.

There are also great number of museums in the city, Museums are full of different artifacts from Muslims era and Christians era, You will love the museums, if you have a thing for antique historical artifacts. There are also two universities.

That’s it from Avila Spain, If you have been to this beautiful town, Share your experience with us, You can also ask us if you have any query regarding your travel to Spain. If you think there should be some other site which you consider as one of the top sites of Avila Spain, Let us know we will consider your suggestion.

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